Boys ages 5yrs to 12th Grade

Royal Rangers meets every Wednesday at 7:00pm

Royal Rangers equips and empowers boys in the United States and in over 65 countries through Bible study and memorization, devotionals, outdoor and camping activities, and Christian role models.

Boys are strengthened:

  • Mentally by a merit-based advancement program
  • Physically by participation in age-specific activities and recreation
  • Socially through church and community service activities
  • Spiritually through Bible study and devotions

Ranger Kids (Kindergarten through 2nd Grade) includes a challenging and fun advancement system encouraging boys through indoor and outdoor activities and games. The weekly lessons and objectives help to reinforce godly principles in their daily lives, and they will have opportunities to achieve many advancement awards that can be placed on an awards vest and worn each week as part of the official Royal Rangers uniform.

The Discovery Rangers program (3rd through 5th Grade) features an exciting premier advancement system. In this system boys will learn through camping and non-camping activities. An emphasis is placed on learning at their own pace in a merit-based curriculum.

Adventure Rangers (6th through 8th Grade) participate in more challenging camping and outdoor activities while emphasizing skill development, advanced camping, Junior Leadership Training, Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF), and Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals with national recognition.

Expedition Rangers (grades 9-12)  has its roots from the original "Air/Sea/Trail Rangers" of the 70's to mid 90's and the "Challengers" programs of the mid to late 90's. Today Expedition Rangers has four separate categories, which are "Achievement", "Activities", "Leadership", and "Service". Each part of Expedition Rangers is designed for different interests teen boys may have.  The development of these interests is accomplished through earning the E1, E2, and E3 Awards.

In many Outposts Rangers seems to end at Adventure Rangers. In all reality, real Royal Rangers starts at Expedition Rangers. The skills learned over the years in Rangers Kids, Discovery Rangers, and Adventure Rangers can finally be used for real adventure. Expedition Rangers has the potential for great fun, exciting challenges, and so much more.